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Multichannel Duplicator “Lightening”


Lightening is a small and high-speed scene investigation equipment for computer forensics that supports multi-channel data acquisition with no need to disassemble hard drives and no need extra power supply. The speed is up to 130GB/min.


As technology evolves at an unprecedented rate, so do the challenges facing law enforcement agencies and investigators. 

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To cope with large amounts of data, numerous electronic devices in complex environments posed by advances in technology, investigators should carry excessive equipment, which causes much inconvenience to the scene investigation. Developed in response to the specific needs of law enforcement investigation, the Hummingbird Mini helps scene investigators increase efficiency and solve cases faster.


 High speed: Adopting the technology of multi-channel high-speed parallel writing and distributed data reassembling, the integrated USB3.1 interface and built-in 1TB SSD both contribute to high-bandwidth transmission and fast data acquisition on the scene. The measured speed is up to 130GB / min.

 Full-featured: The device has the functions of copying, acquisition, and restoring, and supports Windows / MacOS / Linux system power-on and power-off data acquisition. It is easy to acquire electronic evidence data and preserve data with no need to disassemble hard drives.

 Strong practicability: USB3.1 interface is used to support data acquisition of all devices on the market, including devices with TPYE-A / TPYE-C / Thunderbolt.

 Portable: the product is easy to carry, only half the size of a palm and the weight is about 0.5 Kg.

 Good Extensibility: Granting permission to access to external mobile storage devices for additional storage capacity, it can flexibly deal with the situation of many large capacity devices.

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