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Mobile Forensics Genius

A mobile phone forensic analysis tool used for data acquisition, analysis, deletion recovery, search filtering, personal relationship collision, and customized reports for mainstream mobile phone brands and systems in the market. The software is simple to operate, fast to search, especially efficient for relationship analysis, trace analysis, and cash flow analysis, and has been well received in actual cases.


With the continuous improvement and maturity of mobile communication technology, mobile phones have increasingly become an indispensable tool in people's daily life. At the same time, more and more mobile phones are involved in cases. The use of cell phones for criminal activities such as fraud, defamation and counterfeiting is endless. At present, there are roughly three types of criminal acts involving mobile phones: first,   mobile phones used as communication tools in the implementation of criminal acts; second, mobile phones used as a storage medium for criminal evidence; the last, mobile phones used as a tool to commit new types of crime with cell phones involved such as SMS scam, SMS harassment and virus transmission. Therefore, the collection and analysis of mobile phone data has played an increasingly important role in various cases. Against this background, CFLAB launched Mobile Forensics Genius.



▪  Recovery of deleted data: supports advanced recovery such as instant messaging chat records, Internet records, and automatically removes duplicate data.

Extraction of Cloud bill: extracts the funds transfer records in WeChat and Alipay, and then performs automatic statistical analysis of them.

▪ Statistical analysis of cash flow:  All trading records (withdrawal, refund, red packet and transfer etc.) in Wechat and Alipay can be sorted according to the number of transfers, amount, etc. The user can directly export reports as CSV and HTML.

File classification:  Files in mobile phone can be classified and counted based on type and time.

▪ Multi-keyword search filtering: It can perform byte-level search for raw data and a forensic keyword search on the evidence data which allows the user add multiple keywords at a time and perform efficient forensic analysis based on the highlighted search hits.

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