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Video Defragmentation Software “Collapsar”

Collapsar is a video defragmentation software which supports the video recovery of almost all the video formats in the market.


At present, video surveillance equipment, driving recorders, law enforcement recorders, DV and other multimedia video recording equipment are often encountered in criminal cases, the recovery of which has become a headache for crime scene investigators due to the different video loss scenarios and different formats. In addition, the embedded file system and multi-channel circular writing method mostly adopted by surveillance video lower the chance of a complete video recovery. Therefore, CFLAB launched the Collapsar Video Defragmentation Software.  Using a unique algorithm for video recovery, it can completely recover corrupted video files, deleted videos, and even overwritten video clips.


▪  Support data fixing and recovery, mining and analysis of all mainstream video types on the market.

▪    Step by step wizard driven interface: After loading the data, it automatically recognizes the data type and makes a recovery. The interface makes easy recovery of your video files with just a few clicks.

▪    The unique MP4 recovery algorithm and intelligent fragment reorganization technology is used to make a complete recovery, whereas other counterparts recover each fragment of videos separately instead of rebuilding them.

▪    Combined use of cross-filed search technology and various filtering methods make it quickly locate the key video data required.  Compared with whole disk search, the processing time can be greatly shortened by up to 90% in the case of TB-level data.

▪    Graphical analysis technology is used to determine the cause of video data loss or damage by analyzing the physical location and composition of the fragments.

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