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Nebula File Analysis Software

A platform to manage, display, retrieve and analyze massive email data . It helps investigators fast find clues through its special functions, such as high-speed data index, intelligent data filtering, graphical link analysis, redevelopment of user defined function  and so on.


The advances in technology have posed many challenges to the law enforcement departments in processing digital evidence, such as the huge amount of electronic data involved in the case and lack of professional tools; the diversified electronic data formats ; the taming of electronic data clutter is time-consuming and laborious and the file extensions are tampered maliciously. Developed in response to the specific needs, Nebula file analysis system is committed to solve the problems of massive electronic data management, display, retrieval and analysis.


▪Mass mail processing: Support import and export of mass mail in different formats, which include common mail client formats (such as Foxmail, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.) and mail server formats (such as Exchange, etc.) ,email message formats (such as EML, MSG, EMLX).Despite those formats from different sources, Nebula can firstly extract the information contained in the email header including the sender ID , receiver ID, CC, covert, subject, IP addresses of the sender and receiver, message body and attachments, and then analyze them in the fixed format. It also supports break-point continuous transmission of files such as office, PDF, Zip files and pictures,etc. Hundreds of GB of data can be imported into Nebula at more than 20GB per hour.

▪ Powerful search and filtering:  Nebula can perform high-speed full-text retrieval on data including attachments, compressed files, and meta-files. Through intelligent data filtering system, it can meanwhile automatically extract from the data the container number, car license number, mobile phone number, IP address, nickname, etc.

▪ Classification makes link analysis easier. Files can be quickly aggregated, classified and counted in the meantime. For email addresses, positioning info can be sorted out quickly after they are aggregated and classified. 

▪ Data visualization makes the analysis more efficient:  4 kinds of tabular data presentation available- file list, mailing list, email address list,  nickname list .  5 kinds of diagrams- address diagram, nickname diagram, relation map diagram, geographic information diagram , timeline diagram. Through these visualization techniques, users can immediately discover hidden clues.


▪ Easy to use and custom-built for user specific needs.

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