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CCFC 丨 The 14th National Computer Forensics Summit is in hot registration

CCFC Computer Forensics Technology Summit

As an international technology exchange event, CCFC has successfully held the thirteenth session. Every year, many big data gatherings in the electronic data forensics industry gather here to exchange new discoveries and research experiences in the past year. Quite rich.

The highlights of this summit, Xiao Bian first take everyone to take a look

Smart terminal forensics live demonstration

What sets this conference apart from most conferences is that our speakers will not be introduced to you according to the PPT, but a live demonstration! Whether it is cracking the phone, obtaining ROOT permissions, or clearing the power-on password, the experienced experts we invited this time will be able to explain while giving a demonstration, share actual cases, strength circle.

Special sessions for law enforcement agencies and enterprises

The previous CCFC workshops were divided into venues based on the topics. Everyone listened to them according to their interests. This time we have changed the old rules. The venue is divided into law enforcement according to the different groups and needs. Departmental and Enterprise Sessions.

The law enforcement department is naturally set up for personnel in the system, focusing on the cases and problems of public inspection law in electronic data judicial identification; and the enterprise special session is designed for small partners in the industry We will share the latest cutting-edge forensic technology research and new discoveries in cloud forensics and microcircuit data recovery.

Experts from the Three Public Security Institutions Comment on Judicial Expertise Ability

From September 27th to September 29th, we are waiting for you in Xi'an.

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